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The latest Cylinder and Miserable episode:

2017-04-13 (Thu): BEAR WITH US A MINUTE...

I'm running out of episodes here, so I'm putting the series on a little mid-season hiatus.  I'll try and restock a bit and then get publication going again as soon as possible.  Your patience is appreciated!

2016-06-09 (Thu): A DECADE AND A RETURN

Today marks exactly one decade since I sat down at my old computer (not just my last one, but the one before that), began an impromptu scribbling session, and ended up with the first 11 episodes of Cylinder and Miserable.  Ten years later, I've managed to get Series 4 back into production after a long, unplanned writing hiatus, and after a gap of more than two years since I last released an episode, I've decided that there could be no better way to celebrate the show's tenth anniversary than to begin publication of the new (and quite possibly final) season.  So without further ado: sorry it's been so long, and here at long last is Episode 2127.  I hope you enjoy the new series!

2016-05-06 (Fri): TRANSFER COMPLETE!

At long last, I've finished moving all of the archives over to!  For the first time in C&M's history, you can now read the entire 2126-episode run of Series 1 to 3 uninterrupted on the same site.  Enjoy!  (On a related note, the Webs site is now redundant, and will be taken down at some point; please update your bookmarks/links/whatever to point here, if you haven't done so already.)